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If there is one space that we use the most, it is the bathroom. This holds true for both residential and commercial areas. Consequently, the bathroom undergoes the highest amount of wear and tear.

This calls for special attention to Bathroom Tiling. Not just to keep it hygienic but also looking fresh and inviting. After all, no one – guests, homeowners or office workers – wants to use an unclean or dingy bathroom.

Proper maintenance of the bathroom spaces is of utmost importance for the overall upkeep of a building. Due to high usage and footfall, bathrooms often require more regular renovation than other areas in a residential or commercial property.

While building a new house, or renovating an old one, focusing on the bathroom is of utmost importance. This is especially true in old buildings where residents face a variety of construction issues with their bathrooms.

To make your place presentable and attractive, it’s imperative that you put enough thought into choosing the perfect features for your bathroom and entrust the right people with the responsibility of setting up your desired bathroom. This is precisely where our comprehensive bathroom tilers come into play.

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Why Choose NHK Tiling Contractors

Precision Work

At NHK Tiling, we bring to the table utmost efficiency and precision in getting your bathroom tiled according to your requirements. Realising the importance of bathroom tiling in the overall interior decor of your space, we take great care to achieve precision at every level. We are committed to providing you with tiling services that are not just functional and durable but also aesthetically pleasing.

Comprehensive Bathroom Tiling and Design Services

In providing our state-of-the-art services, we bring together industry experts and experienced professionals.

Our responsibility is not limited to installing the tiles. NHK Tiling Company Sydney offers you expert advice regarding tile usage and compatibility so that you never feel lost or unsure about what to do. While undertaking remodelling projects, we carefully remove the previously installed tiles and replace them with new ones with precision, after adequately preparing the surface, of course.

We Ensure Our Work Aligns with Our Clients’ Vision

To ensure optimum customer satisfaction, we work in close communication with our customers. We believe in prioritising our client’s choices above anything else. Working with us, you can go about your normal routine with a peaceful mind knowing we are preparing your bathroom exactly as you want it to be.

Experienced Team

Working with a skilled and experienced team of tiling experts, we are adept at achieving perfection in all that we do. At NHK tiling company, we employ methods which rule out the scope for any regret or complaint on our client’s part after the handing over of the project site. From site preparation to clean up after completion, we ensure that everything is in perfect order.

To uphold our reputation as the Best Tiling Contractors Sydney, we leave no stone unturned to guarantee your satisfaction. Our tiler team is instructed to use only the best material and to ensure the proper composition of the mixtures.

If you have a complete bathroom makeover on your mind, and you want to avail the best bathroom tiling services in town for this purpose, you are already at the right place.

Get in touch with our tiling company experts and tell us what you need. We will come up with a tailor-made plan and will present you a bathroom that perfectly resonates with who you are and where you belong.

To get a free quote for your bathroom renovation, or for more information on our services, call us on 0402 462 570.

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Common Questions About Bathroom Tiling Sydney

What tiles are best for bathroom renovations?

The best bathroom tiles would have to be either porcelain or ceramic, which are also the most common tiles in general. Both of these tiles are scratch-resistant, affordable, long-lasting, and maintenance-free. But they are especially useful for bathrooms because they are non-porous, meaning that water will not get in and damage the tiles. Porcelain tiles are to be preferred for bathroom tiling in Sydney, as they are similar to ceramic but made with finer clay and are subjected to higher pressure, meaning they are denser and stronger.

What other options are there for bathroom tiling in Sydney?

There are many options depending on what you are looking for. Traditional terracotta tiles can give a warm and earthy feel to your bathroom, coming in shades of orange and red. However, these need to be periodically sealed, making them a poor decision for bathroom tiles. Natural stones are also not a fit for bathrooms. Though they are strong, durable and attractive, they are expensive and highly porous. The most viable alternative would be glass, which can generate a luxurious and attractive feel for your bathroom.

What is the most preferred way to tile a bathroom?

Fully tiling your bathroom is a great way to make the whole style uniform. It can also save you a headache in terms of interior design, trying to get everything to match up. Further, you won’t have to paint the walls. If you want to create extra space in a long and narrow bathroom, it is best to lay the tiles horizontally. The floor and wall tiles should complement each other, though they do not have to match completely.

Contact NHK tiling for more detailed information on all things related to bathroom tiling. There are nuances to all projects and we need to assess every bathroom individually before making specific recommendations.

What size tile should be used for a bathroom?

There is no one size fits all. However, generally, interior design specialists will tell you that smaller bathrooms should make use of smaller tiles. This is because bigger tiles make space look smaller. Still, there are ways around this, such as using fewer grout lines to make space look more expanded. 30cm x 30cm sized tiles are commonly found in bathrooms.

How to Make A Small Bathroom Look More Spacious

Is it possible to tile over an existing tile surface?

As long as the surface is sound, then yes, this is possible to do. However, we would want to look at and inspect the surface first to avoid complications. The surface needs to be perfect – completely level, free of warping, and free of mould and mildew. If not, then tiling over the surface is a really bad idea.

Instead, consider it a really good idea.

Call NHK for superb bathroom tiling in Sydney – 0402 462 570.

Why Choose Us

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Fully Insured & Licensed

Insured and licensed tilers are accredited to handle most types of tiling projects. At NHK we specialise in bathroom, kitchen, outdoor space tiling. We can also handle all types of tiling jobs – anywhere you are in Sydney.

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$20M Public Liability

Safety is our #1 priority. And to ensure everything is safe and secure, we use high-quality tools, keep training our crew, and acquire a $20M Public Liability Cover. Public Liability insurance can protect us, our workforce and our clients in case injuries or damages happen on the job site.

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100% Customer Satisfaction

We use a customer-centric approach which means, clients, come first. Regardless of your needs, with our combined knowledge and expertise, we’d be able to give you the right advice about the type of tiles suited to your space.

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Workers Compensation

We’re professional and we genuinely care for our workers, and we have prepared a required statutory form of insurance for them.

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100% Quality Guarantee

We only use high-quality materials & work with a wide range of products for indoor and outdoor tiling, such as ceramic, granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, natural stones, porcelain, cobblestone and more.

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24 Years’ Experience

Backed by 24 years’ experience, there is no tiling job that we cannot undertake. Offering you 100% attention to details & quick turn-around – you will be amazed at our work’s quality.

Our Customers

“I had many tiling work done to my house and yet was not able to find the perfect one to my likings. A friend recommended NHK Tiling and I thought I will give him a go.

When speaking to Danny I was overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge and experience he has had.

I have an OCD which was clearly expressed to Danny and his work has exceeded my expectations.

He ended up re-doing all the other parts I disliked from other tillers.
I will definitely use NHK Tiling again and recommend it to all my networks!

Thank you Danny!!”


“ Very pleased with the quality of their workmanship. Excellent company.”


“ Danny & his team are very reliable & efficient. Workmanship is great. Highly recommended. ”

Rob Costello, Architect

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