How to Make A Small Bathroom Look More Spacious

If your bathroom is a little too small for your liking, there are some clever tips and tricks you can employ to make the space look and feel much more spacious and not closed in. Here are the top 5 tips from a professional Tiling Business in Sydney to help you out.

1. Pick the Right Size Tile

Choosing the right size tile can be a bit tricky. There are two opposing theories when it comes to choosing tiles for a small space. One theory that’s popular is that bigger tiles will make the room look smaller. But on the contrary, if you opt for small tiles for your small bathroom, you will be left with more grout lines, which can also make the space look crowded and small.

So, is there an ideal solution to this problem? Well, our suggestion is to use a medium-sized tile that’s neither too big nor too small. Combine that with rectified edges and matching grout and your bathroom will immediately look roomier.

2. Opt for Lighter Colours

It is a well-known fact that lighter colours reflect light better. So, choosing a light, neutral colour scheme will help make the space look more spacious. White, cream and light greys are all popular colour choices for Bathroom Tiling.

3. Tile Layout Matters

You’ll be surprised how much of a difference the layout of the tiles can make. For instance, instead of laying square floor tiles in the traditional manner, consider opting for a more interesting diagonal pattern. It will make the space look bigger. Similarly, a great way to make the ceiling look higher is to use rectangular tiles vertically. That will create the illusion of more height, making your wall seem taller than it really is. You can also talk to your Tiler to find out what they think would be the best tile layout for the space.

4. Install A Big Mirror

A big mirror over the vanity is another clever trick to make a small bathroom appear bigger. Interior designers use mirrors strategically to open up a space, bring in more light and make a confined space look more spacious. Choose a frameless mirror for a modern and seamless look.

5. Choose the Fixtures Carefully

If your bathroom is small, then adding big fixtures such as a large sink, an oversized bathtub and other such fittings will only contribute to making the space overcrowded. Instead, invest in space-saving fixtures that are functional without being overly big. Sure, you love the idea of having a clawfoot tub, but does your bathroom have the space needed to accommodate that without feeling cramped?

Having an experienced and professional Sydney Tiler handle your tiling project can make a world of difference. Not only will your project be completed on time, it will also be done in an impeccable manner. For Residential Tiling or Commercial Tiling, call NHK Tiling – the tiling experts in Sydney.

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