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Cladding is the process by which bare walls are covered with materials other than traditional clay tiles. Presently, a large variety of both natural and artificial stones, such as sandstone, stacked stone or cultured stone, are available in the market for this purpose.

If you are looking to transform and spice up the look of your home or office spaces, Rock Wall Cladding might well be the perfect choice for you. It gives the room a very pleasing and natural look and leaves a lasting impression on the visitors – all at very affordable rates.

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Benefits of Adding Rock Wall Cladding to A Space

Along with the decorative value, this type of cladding has certain other crucial benefits.

  • It increases the longevity of the building
  • It enhances the acoustics of the space.
  • It also massively aids the process of thermal insulation in the building or a particular room while making the structure more resistant to fire hazards.
  • Getting the cladding done also significantly raises the value of your property.

We Specialise In Wall Cladding Installation

The fact remains, however, that the benefits of cladding are realised only when the process is completed with perfection, and for that you need to hire professionals such as NHK tiling.

For over two decades, we’ve helping clients with any and every wall cladding requirement that they might have. Alongside cladding the walls, we also offer expert advice to our clients regarding the benefits and drawbacks of using the various cladding materials. Regardless of the space or the cladding material of your choice, we have the resources to fulfill your cladding needs.

When you reach out with your ideas, our expert tiler team dedicate themselves to tailoring a design for you. Realising that there’s a thin line between right and wrong when it comes to cladding, we ensure the highest degree of precision in our work.

A Premium Feature for Your Home

Rock wall cladding can be a stunning feature that ‘wows’ visitors to your property. Typically, it’s is ideal for:

  • Retaining walls
  • Patio
  • Fireplaces
  • Outdoor entertainment areas
  • And more

What Makes Us Tick?

Your Satisfaction Is Our Primary Concern

We are a Tiling Company Sydney that guarantees the highest level of customer satisfaction. Apart from perfection and reliability, transparency is something that sets us apart. Our clients are regularly consulted while the project is ongoing, ensuring that the outcome is in sync with their needs and demands. In short, we prioritise the client’s demands over anything else.

We Take the Time to Properly Prep the Surface to Ensure Longevity

To assure the best finish in all our projects, and for longevity, we make sure to remove even the last stains of paint before cladding the walls. Blue boards and villa boards are also removed as stone cladding cannot be done on these surfaces. As per the policy of our tiling company, our tiler teams ensure that only reliable material, especially the adhesives, is used for the projects. At NHK tiling, we take utmost care at every level to ensure that everything is in perfect order, leaving our clients no scope for any complaint.

We Understand That Our Reputation Is on The Line with Every Project We Undertake

Over the years, our tiling company has come to be known as one of the best and the most reliable tiling contractor Sydney. Our dedicated tiler team shares our responsibility to do justice to our reputation, and the same reflects in each of our projects, past or present.

We also big believers of word-of-mouth advertising, which is how we get most of our new customers. So, we aim to give our 100% to every project that we handle to ensure the customer’s happy with our work and are likely to refer us to friends and family.

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Common Questions About Rock Wall Cladding in Sydney

What are the primary uses of rock wall cladding?

It refers to ‘rocks’ (stones) that are attached to the outside of a building. While they are external to the main structure, they are dense enough to have a powerful effect in terms of insulation against the outside environment. There are many kinds of cladding materials, but stone tends to be the most powerful and durable and looks more elegant than other materials.

What is Rock Wall Cladding? 

Is it easy to apply stone wall cladding to your home?

Not really. The materials themselves can be expensive, but if you try to do it yourself and fail to make it work, then it will be doubly expensive. It’s best to call in professionals who can apply a level of precision and detail to the installation process unless you really know what you are doing.

What are the different kinds of rock materials?

Broadly speaking, they can be divided into 3 primary groups – sedimentary rocks such as limestone and sandstone, metamorphic rocks such as slate and marble and igneous rocks such as granite. Each type has distinct advantages and disadvantages. The specific stones used in Sydney could include limestone, granite, sandstone, slate, marble, Jerusalem stone, basalt, bluestone, and many more.

What are the benefits of using rock wall cladding in Sydney?

It creates a controlled internal environment that is protected from the outside. It allows for noise reduction as well as privacy and security. High-quality cladding can also assist in terms of insulation, ventilation, appearance, and natural light. It also looks great compared to a bare wall with paint and will increase your property value.

What are the factors affecting the rock selection?

There are many components that will decide whether rock wall cladding is appropriate and secondly what kind of material is best. Some of the factors to take into account include:

  • Structural Requirements
  • Budget
  • Planning Permission
  • Availability
  • Appearance
  • Durability
  • Internal Conditions
  • External Conditions

You also need to carefully select the type of material. Lighter colours look better but will need to be cleaned more regularly. Denser materials tend to cost more but with the benefit of increased durability. It is always going to be a tradeoff between cost, appearance, durability, and maintenance.

How Does NHK decide on the best approach?

First, we collaborate with the customer to see what they are looking for. We pay attention to the requirements listed above (structural requirements, budget, availability, etc). But there are more technical features that need to be factored in. We look at the overall design, the integrity of the insulation, the control of thermal dynamics, external fittings, air leakage control, condensation control, and much more.

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