What is Rock Wall Cladding?

In construction, a cladding is a non-structural layer that’s used to cover the surface of a bare wall. It can be made from a wide range of materials and can serve multiple purposes. A cladding can be installed for thermal insulation, weather resistance, or aesthetics among others. If you’re looking to spice up your property, claddings are a great investment.

One particularly popular cladding design is a rock wall cladding. Rock wall claddings either use real or simulated stone and add a nice visual element into your home. There’s an extensive range of stone types, colours, and textures to choose from. Apart from its visual and tactile appeal, there are several benefits to rock wall claddings.

#1 – They Increase Your Home’s Value

They Increase Your Homes Value

They Increase Your Homes Value

The beauty of rock wall claddings isn’t lost on real estate experts. If you install rock wall claddings in your home, you will increase its curb appeal and resale value as compared to leaving the walls bare or simply repainting.

#2 – Increased Longevity and Durability

    A benefit to using natural stone is its longevity and durability as a construction material. Real rock wall cladding makes for a resilient facade that can survive any weather. It is scratch and abrasion-resistant, and is even fire-resistant. The beauty of a rock wall will stand the passage of time.

#3 – Save on Maintenance Cost

    Due to its resilient nature, you can save a lot on maintenance cost with rock wall cladding as compared to paint or other cladding materials. There’s almost no maintenance involved with arock wall apart from the occasional cleaning. In our opinion, a rock wall even looks better with time as it lends a timeless, classic look to your home.

#4 – Provides Thermal Insulation

    Natural stone is a great insulation material. Used as an exterior wall cladding, it stops heat, cold, and humidity from coming into your home. Although other materials provide some degree of insulation, natural stone remains superior in terms of thermal control. You can use rock wall cladding to control the thermal dynamics of a space, and therefore save on electricity bills.

#5 – Improves the Acoustics of a Space

    One little known benefit to rock wall claddings is how well they improve the acoustics of a space. Stone claddings help with sound reduction such that noise in one room doesn’t leak to another.

If you’re convinced that a rock wall cladding is the right choice for your Sydney home, we’d love to help you redecorate your space. Call us at 0402 462 570 or request a FREE quote through our website. With over 24 years of experience in the business, NHK tiling will give your home the revamping that it needs with beautiful rock wall claddings.

Where can I install a rock wall?

Where can I install a rock wall

Where can I install a rock wall

To give you some ideas, popular areas in your house where you can install rock wall claddings are your patio, fireplace, pillars, kitchen backsplash, outdoor entertainment area, and your bathroom accent wall.

Which material should I go for?

Which material should I go for

Which material should I go for

There are two main categories for rock wall claddings. You can either go for real stones, or a simulated rock wall look. We highly recommend that you go for natural stones so you can reap the full benefits that come with the material such as its thermal insulation, durability, and longevity.

From natural stones, you can select which rock wall cladding is right for you from the three main rock groups. These groups are sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks, and igneous rocks. We can help you select which one best suits your style and purpose.

Can I install rock wall claddings myself?

    The short answer is no.

Unless you have installed it before, there is a level of structural expertise and precision that needs to be applied during a rock wall installation. You also risk damaging the material if you install it wrongly which will just add to the cost.

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