Top Bathroom Tiling Ideas [Inspiration Guide]

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Get inspired with our best ideas for your bathroom from colourways to patterns and everything in between.

Bathroom design, or redesign, is an exciting project for any homeowner to undertake. With so many choices for colours, shapes, designs, and combinations of all the above, there’s no limit to what your imagination can come up with for your bathroom. 

In fact, all of those options can become a bit overwhelming for homeowners as they try to narrow down the playing field and choose the options that best suit their house. To help, we’ve put together our top bathroom tiling ideas in this inspirational guide. Read on and get ready to get motivated for your project!

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Top bathroom tiling ideas

What makes a design idea tops for one person might not hit the mark for another. That’s why our guide covers a bevy of approaches to help cater to every aesthetic, function, and fixture you’ll have in your bathroom. 

#1. Play with colour

There’s nothing that says you have to choose a colour and stick with it in your bathroom. In fact, adding contrasting colours or a combination of hues can really liven up a space. Consider anchoring your bathroom with traditional and timeless white and then add character to your space with contrast. There’s no more classic combination than black and white together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with other colours.

#2. Try different layouts

Tile can work in a variety of places in bathroom spaces, from shower walls to flooring and more. Consider going with different laid patterns to define spaces from one another more clearly. You can go with vertically laid tiles for the walls and then choose a different configuration for the floors. This can really help open up a space and make it look less monotonous in the process.

#3. Mix up the sizes

Just like you can change up the layout or orientation of your tiles, you can also change up the sizes that you choose. Consider going with a mid-size tile for the walls and then going for either smaller or larger sized material for the floor. For example, you can go with subway tile on the walls and a smaller mosaic on the floor to create interest. Using variously sized tiles can help creating a bathroom that is visually exciting. 

#4. Incorporate a gradient

With a talented tiler, you can also achieve a gradient look in your bathroom. Start with a white or lighter colour toward the top of your walls. As you work your way down, integrate and increase the amount of darker coloured or shaded tiles to create a gradient effect. This look can help add interest while also leaving the darkest tiles for the flooring to help hide dirt or grime in between cleanings. 

#5. Mingle your materials

There’s no rule that says you have to commit to one type of tile for your entire bathroom. In fact, another way to add visual interest to your space is to mix up the materials you use. Porcelain tiles can be a great way to spruce up your walls. Look for a contrasting material like marble or slate for your flooring to add contrast and create a truly unique space.

 #6. Get graphic

Expert tilers can also help create feature walls by laying tiles in unique layouts and combinations. Consider creating a feature wall in your bathroom or shower stall. This can be done with contrasting colours and orienting tiles at different angles create anything from bordered features to geometric shapes. You can also go for a printed tile to create a mosaic effect on the floors or walls for added impact.

#7. Up your grout game

Grout might be a utilitarian feature of a bathroom, but it can also add to your design. There’s no reason you have to go with basic while unless it fits your design aesthetic. Consider how using a tinted or multi-coloured grout could add to your design. For example, sticking with a white grout can create impact when paired with black or very dark tiles. Conversely, you can play with lines by using a darker grout paired with coloured or white tiles. Grey, brown, and other colored grout might also help hide any discolouration can come with age and use.

What to expect with your bathroom tiling project

Tiling can take anywhere from one day to a week to complete, depending on how complex your designs are. If your project is a renovation project, then your contractor will need time to remove anything already existing when it comes to flooring, wall tiling, and shower materials. The space preparation can add time to your timeline, so be sure to ask about the entire process when getting a quote for services.

It’s important to work with an experienced tiler who understands the complexities of your project and has a background actually implementing these top bathroom tiling ideas before you even get started. They should be able to help draw up plans that reflect your vision. They should also be able to advise on how much waste your project could produce and make recommendations in your design to help limit excess or leftover cutaways. 

While your tile might look ready for use, you should leave the new bathroom alone for a few days (at least 48 hours) to allow everything to set, cure, and dry. This includes everything from walking on the floors to taking your first shower in your updated space. 

How to choose the right tiler for you

Choosing a design is not the only choice you’ll have to make in your bathroom project. Who you select as your tiler is just as important as the tiling patterns, styles, and colours you narrow things down. The best tilers have a strong portfolio that will include samples that match your aesthetic or give you confidence that they’ll be able to achieve the look you are after. 

This is usually a factor of experience, so you’ll want to look for a local and experienced tiler that has a proven track record with bathroom tiling in your area. Start by asking how many years they have been in business specifically doing bathroom tiling. You can search online for a variety of reviews left by prior customers. Be sure to also ask for customer references and to see a portfolio of work to really get a sense of their abilities. 

When you’re looking at the portfolio, consider the design and overall appeal of what you’re reviewing. But also take a look at the technical aspects of the tiling. The best tilers will start in the center of the room and work their way out so that there are no oddly placed or cut tiles along the perimeter. You’ll also want clean lines and even joints around doors, windows, and corners. Design features should be centered make the best use of space and scale in the room provided.

Of course, another essential is to make sure that your tiler is completely licensed and insured to be able to do the work at hand. Be sure to ask about licensing and accreditation so that you are only working with a top professional in the space. You can also ask about warranties on workmanship in addition to any that are provided with the tiling materials themselves from the manufacturer. You’ll want to choose a tiler that is focused on customer satisfaction and high-quality work on every job.

Tips To Choosing The Best Tiling Company

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