8 Tips To Choosing The Best Tiling Company In Sydney

8 Tips To Choosing The Best Tiling Company In Sydney

Congratulations! You as a property owner, are in a position to make improvements to your home. However, researching the perfect tiling company for your needs can be a difficult process if you don’t know what to look for.

It is imperative that you do the necessary due diligence and enlist the services of a reputable tiling contractor such as NHK Tiling when you reside in Sydney. You need to be sure, beyond a doubt that they have your best interests at heart.

The general rule of thumb is selecting a professional tiling contractor that possesses at least three years of experience and has a name in the industry as reliable. They should also be able to show you reviews and a portfolio of their completed projects in both flooring as well as tile installations.

When it comes to choosing a professional tiling contractor, it should not be a minefield if the upfront research has been done. Some quickfire tips include:

#1 Selecting the perfect tile, before employing a professional contractor

It is recommended that you choose the right tile, before seeking the services of a professional tiling contractor. The room or wall layout and the type of tile that is used, will affect the rate of labour that the contractor will charge.

Larger tiles and using more than one type of tile will require more labour and will naturally be more costly too.

#2 Seek the services of a professional tiling company

Take some time to seek a professional tiling contractor in the Sydney region such as NHK Tiling that has the necessary experience in the tiling industry.

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#3 Selecting the right contractor for the job

It is important to note that after you have secured the names of a few reputable tiling companies, that you meet and select the one that is the right fit for your project.

#4 Request a detailed quote in writing

To have peace of mind that you won’t be caught in a situation whereby there are hidden costs involved, ensure that you obtain a quote that includes all the phases of the project that needs to be completed.

#5 Communication

Look for a tiling contractor that will keep you abreast of the developments at all times, and that can furnish you with a start and an end date, so that you know what to expect.

#6 Double check the quotation

Before the project commences, double check the quotation to ensure the right materials and products are used that have been quoted, so there are no nasty surprises after the project has been completed.

#7 References and Referrals

Any reputable tiling contract will be able to guide you to references and referrals from previous clients. If this information is not available, this should immediately raise a red flag.

#8 Qualifications

Insist on viewing the relevant qualifications and accreditation from your chosen tiling contractor. Credentials such as CTI, NTCA, and CTEF are what you are looking for when choosing a professional tiling company.

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