9 Best Bathroom Tiling Ideas: A Home Inspiration Guide

Bathroom Tiling - 9 Best Bathroom Tiling Ideas: A Home Inspiration Guide

Nothing can update and transform a bathroom as quickly and as effectively as fresh new tile.

Updated tiling can not only instantly modernise your space (say goodbye to caked on mildew and discoloured tiles) but also provide some much-needed change and turn your hum-drum space into something completely new and different.

This is especially true if you “tile outside the lines” with some new or interesting bathroom tiling ideas.

So, are you a modern and clean type person? Or, do you love the idea of a splash of colour? Whatever your design goals, there’s a tiling solution to match.

At NHK Tiling, we’ve been helping deliver striking tiling projects throughout Sydney for over three decades, so we know a thing or two about making tile stand out. To help fire up your creative engine, here are some of our favourite options.

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9 Popular tiling ideas you can steal

The great news? There are SO many tile and styling options available today, that the sky is really the limit with what you can do when tiling a bathroom. 
Here are some of our favourite ideas to consider:

#1 – Modernise with a monochromatic look

Choosing colours in the same colour family – like shades of grey, cream, or sand – can have powerful aesthetic effects on any bathroom. First, it can create a soothing, zen-like space that can be perfect if you want an ultra-relaxing, spa-like appeal. What’s more, the various shades and textures can draw the eye and add an instantly interesting element of dimension and texture to the room.
The spa-like feel will always be amplified if you combine the monochromatic colour palette with soft or rounded fixtures. 
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#2 – Marry contrasting styles 

If you want something eclectic and stunning, we recommend a transitional-style bath. This isn’t always easy to get right, and it requires blending modern, classic, and earthy elements to create a balanced final product. That said, when it’s done effectively, it can give your bathroom a one-of-a-kind, homey feeling that’s hard to beat. 

#3 – Consider a crisp and clean look 

Looking to renovate and wanting a minimalist look? You can’t go wrong with crisp, clean, white tiles – and contrasting fixtures or shapes. For example, you can do all white with copper fixtures, or hexagonal and square tiles together. This will create a soothing, elevated, and modern final look without overwhelming the eye. 

#4 – Go glam 

Alternatively, you can glam it up with dramatic and expressive colours or materials. A black-and-white palette, for example, will always scream opulence and beauty. Similarly, choosing a material like marble will instantly add a luxurious flare to the room. 

#5 – Let marble be your muse 

In the same vein, you can make it all about the material and let marble be your muse. If you go this route, you can use the same material throughout, and simply vary the tiling size and shape. Here, keep in mind that larger squares can always make a small bathroom feel roomier, so you should definitely play with sizing if you’re looking to amplify your space. 

#6 – Play with a print 

A printed tile – like Moroccan cement tiles – or a great pattern can offer a bold, eye-catching tiling idea that can instantly set the tone and the mood of your space. What’s more, a unique pattern or print will always add an artsy feel that will make any bathroom unique. 

#7 – Up your grout game 

Yes, grout is necessary in any bathroom (after all, it’s there to fill the space and create a waterproof barrier). But that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring, and playing with your grout can actually help elevate your tiling game. 

For example, adding grey or black grout to a dark tile can help make the space look more monochromatic and modern. Similarly, a clean white grout in a black tile can create a great contrast and a gold grout can instantly make any bathroom look like a beautiful little jewel box. The list goes on – but the point is that your grout can and should be a crucial design element. 

#8 – Focus on the floor 

If the rest of your bathroom is clean, monochromatic, or understated, you can instantly add some flare with eye-catching floor tiles. Think bold, patterned tiles and interesting colours to instantly enliven an otherwise simple space.

#9 – Make a wall pop 

Another way to add instant drama, depth, and elegance? Creating an accent wall to draw all the attention. Think emerald green herringbone, an intricate pattern, or bold colours. The point is to have a focal wall and design the rest of the space around it.

How NHK Tiling can help with your next tiling project

If you’re interested in bathroom tiling services from NHK Tiling, we’ll be there with you every step of the way to ensure that the job is completed to your satisfaction. That means we will: 

  • Help with the design process and ensure that you choose materials and brands that are high-quality and built to last 
  • Expertly remove your existing tile to make sure that you never have to deal with water damage, improper installation, or other common concerns 
  • Work with you to make sure that your new tile is installed exactly to your liking, 

And, of course, if you encounter any problems post-install, we are always available to help. 

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How to find a reliable bathroom tiler in Sydney

To make sure that you’re working with a qualified and skilled professional, we recommend that you: 

  • Check ratings and reviews: Customers will always be honest about their experience and their overall impression with a particular company. It’s important, then, that you check ratings before you take any first steps with a potential tiler. 
  • Request proof of insurance: This is crucial to make sure that both you and the tiler are protected should any issues arise. 
  • Get multiple bids: This helps to make sure that you are being charged a fair price for the job. 
  • Request a contract: Getting the scope, quote, and plan in writing will help avoid miscommunications or mismanaged expectations down the line. 

Finally, have fun with your bathroom tile!

In short, installing new bathroom tile is exciting, and an instantly effective way to upgrade your space. There is no wrong way to go here – just remember that the sky’s the limit when it comes to colour, style, grout, and overall look, and take your time when making a design decision. 
Want some help? Call 0402 462 570 and one of our experts can talk through what you’re looking for and help you make the right decision for your home – or reach out to us online for an obligation-free quote. 

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