Typical Prices For Tile Installation In Sydney, 2021

Good tilers are a necessity to ensure that your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas have an elegant and clean look and feel. But tile costs can vary greatly depending on the type, quality, and quantity. Below, we’re going to explore typical prices for tile installation in Sydney in 2021.

We’re also going to take a look at what factors contribute to the price of tile installation and the price for different kinds of tiles.

Contributing Factors to Tile Installation Pricing in Sydney

Tiling installation costs can be lowered or raised depending on the factors outlined below. It’s useful to familiarise yourself with them, as not all are common sense. For example, it’s not intuitive to assume that larger tiles cost more than the same surface area of small tiles, or that outdoor tiling is more expensive than indoors. So it helps to know as much as you can before you get quotes.

  • Type of Tile – Tiles can cost anywhere from $20 to $150 per square meter. Ceramic and porcelain are the most common and cost between $20 – $50 per square meter. This is the typical range.
  • Tile Size – Bigger tiles cost more to install than a similar area of smaller tiles. It takes increased skill and care to lay down bigger tiles.
  • Total Surface Area – Obviously, the larger the surface area, the more you are going to have to shell out.
  • Surface Area Type Wall tiling costs more than floor tiling. Pool tiling costs more than both. Outdoor tiling generally costs more than indoor tiling.
  • Location – Certain areas are more expensive than others. Obviously, tiling installation in Sydney is going to cost more than in rural areas and more than in most cities.
  • The Tiling Quote – More experienced tilers that do a better job will charge you more.
  • Market Effects – For various macro-economic reasons, there might be an increased or decreased need for tilers. This will affect the price.

The price for tile installation does not include preparation. If you are removing tiles in the first place, you will have to pay a removal cost per square meter. A floor site may also have to be prepared using a concrete grinder. The Golden Rule in tiling is that the surface is level. All this translates to added cost. You can expect to pay $20 – $40 per square meter to remove tiles in Sydney.

Tile Installation Prices Per State

There is a great variance in terms of price installation prices per state. Unfortunately, New South Wales tops the most list when it comes to tile installation prices per square meter. Note that the tile installation price does not include the price of the tiles, which you will have to purchase separately.

You will typically be quoted a price per square meter as opposed to an hourly rate. This makes it easier for both parties as you know what the price is going to be beforehand and the tiler can complete the job without looking over his shoulder. The prices below are typical hourly rates in the associated states.

State Tile Installation Price
New South Wales $60 Per Square Meter
Victoria $47 Per Square Meter
Western Australia $45 Per Square Meter
Queensland $45 Per Square Meter
South Australia $37 Per Square Meter

The Cost of Tiles in Sydney

So, the average price you can expect to pay per square meter in Sydney is around $60, for tile installation. But you’ve probably come to realise that this is only half the cost. The tile itself can range from $20 – $50 for porcelain/ceramic, and far higher for the more elaborate kinds of tile.

Generally, however, we can say that the typical price for the majority of tiling projects are around $30 – $60 per square meter in terms of purchasing the tiles. You can get good quality tiles at this price. The sample table below will give you an idea about the cost of tiles with their corresponding material.

Tile Type Price Range Per Square Meter
Porcelain $20 – $60
Ceramic $15 – $40
Feature $40 – $160
Mosaic $30 – $90
Marble $80 – $200
PVC $15 – $35

Roof Tiling Prices Sydney

Roof tiling is completely different from other kinds of tiling. This is because it involves increased levels of danger and complexity. The tiles themselves also have to be able to withstand the elements and be thermally efficient. Roof tiles are far more expensive.

  • Slate Tiled Roof – $300 To $500 Per Square Meter.
  • Solar Roofing Tiles – $150 – $250 Per Square Meter.
  • Concrete Tiled Roof – $49 To $75 Per Square Meter.
  • Terracotta Tiled Roof – $62 To $100 Per Square Meter.
  • Fibreglass Roof – $35 To $60 Per Square Meter.
  • Polycarbonate Roofing – $60 To $450 Per Square Meter.
  • Steel Roofing – $45 To $90 Per Square Meter.
  • Asphalt Shingles – $40 To $60 Per Square Meter.

While slate is far more expensive to install and purchase, keep in mind that it lasts for nearly 100 years with very little maintenance. In contrast, Asphalt Shingles may need to be replaced every 25 years. Slate is also thermally efficient and fireproof. Solar roofing tiles are pretty new to the market and prices are expected to come down as advances continue.

As regards the installation, you can expect to pay around $80 – $120 per square meter aside from the cost of the tile itself.

Putting it All Together

All things considered, you can expect to pay around $120 per square meter, with a typical porcelain tile, in Sydney. This is an average that does not account for all of the variables. After all, there are different prices for floor, wall and roof tiles, and different prices for different materials. You also have to weigh potential savings and increases in home value against the initial investment.

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What tile delivers the best value for money?

All things considered, your best bet is probably to go with a porcelain tile. They are extremely durable and look great. You can get excellent porcelain tiles for $30 – $40 per square meter. If you really want to get a speciality tile for $80 per square meter and above, go for it. But for most people, a solid and reliable porcelain tile is just fine. Ceramic is also a good option. Remember that even within the category of porcelain or ceramic, there are many different colours, types, styles and customisations you can choose from.

Why are there different prices between floor and wall tiles?

Because they are constructed differently. Floor walls will need to be able to withstand increased pressure due to foot traffic. They are also thicker. Wall tiles need to be more lightweight so they stick to the wall easily – they do not have a strong foundation underneath them like floor tiles. Wall tiles are a little more difficult to install due to this.

Why are pool tiles more expensive?

To put it simply, most tiles are not built for outdoor use. And pool tiles are constantly saturated with water that has chlorine in it. Even bathroom tiles are not designed to be used in pools, as it is different when the tile is submerged 24/7. Pool tile is specifically manufactured for temperature changes, sunlight, water saturation, and chemicals in the water. Which is why it costs more.

How long do tiles last?

Tiles have a pretty impressive lifespan. Poor tiles will last for 20 years, while higher quality tiles can last longer than 40 years with proper maintenance. You want a glazed tile with a higher PEI rating so that it does not chip easily. Porcelain is longer-lasting and more suitable to foot traffic than ceramic. Roof tiles can last longer than 50 years depending on which tile you choose.

Is it worth getting tiles in my home?

Absolutely. Tiles last for decades and they increase home value. They also require little to no maintenance. A quick polish and your tiles will seem good as new! So while it might seem like a significant upfront cost, you are actually benefiting from a great investment. Once the tiles are installed correctly, it is highly unlikely that they would crack. The main item to keep in mind is that you need to install the tiles professionally to get the value out of them.

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